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Was the Game of Thrones filmed in Montenegro?

Was the Game of Thrones filmed in Montenegro? Not according to a recent article in the Sunday Times by Joseph Furey.

He interviewed chief location scout Robbie Boake. “I’m looking for places with drama, history and people that tell their own fascinating stories,” he says.

Game of Thrones returned to Sky on 2nd May. The drama of the locations is as central to the show’s success as the drama of the plot. But can you travel to Westeros this summer?

Robbie says, “Location scouts rarely find all they need to tell their stories in one place, so it’s essential to explore. We find an area with the right feel, the right atmosphere, and go from there. It’s like doing a jigsaw, and when the puzzle starts to come together, it’s incredibly satisfying. People should travel the way we scout, simply to see what’s out there.”

Top of the locations list is Croatia. “It has a rich history, a long, well-defended coastline and lots of picturesque islands. Parts of it look untouched by time.” Ideal GoT territory, in other words.

"With gates, towers and 6,500ft of battlemented wall, Dubrovnik is made for long, lingering pans and extreme close-ups. It has starred as King’s Landing, the capital of the Seven Kingdoms, since season two, and it’s seen a lot of action: the Battle of Blackwater Bay, Cersei Lannister’s naked walk of penance and the fatal poisoning of her incestuous love child, the leering boy king Joffrey."

So if you're planning to spend a few days in Dubrovnik before holidaying with us in Montenegro, look out for the battlemented backdrops.

But rumour has it that the soaring peaks and rugged coastline of Montenegro might well have featured in Game of Thrones too.

(posted/updated 05/05/2016)

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Was the Game of Thrones filmed in Montenegro?

Was the Game of Thrones filmed in Montenegro? Sunday Times journalist Joseph Furey recently interviewed the show's chief location scout about what he looks for, and where he finds it.


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